The Pale Beunen - NL 5247334-75

In the first half of the seventies a "wonder on wings" was achieving an unbelievable record in the Dutch part of Limburg. It was the "Vaaltje" of Anton and Henk Beunen of Ohé en Laak (NL).

Vaaltje (the little pale) NL71-223961 won:
  • 2 nat. Saint-Vincent 15454 p. (winning a car)
  • 5 nat. Dax 6835 p. 974 km
  • 8 nat. Saint-Vincent 15417 p. 990 km
  • 4 prov. Bergerac 4342 p. 803 km
  • 77 Montargis 3563 p. 418 km

amongst a lot of other good prizes.

Vaaltje was a Bricoux-Willequet-Tournier bird.


 The intelligent look of Vaaltje

Jan Schreurs and Bèr Vandueren managed to acquire a youngster out of the parents of Vaaltje which gave them a full brother to Vaaltje. They called him "Vale Beunen" (the Pale Beunen) or sometimes "Brother Car Winner". This very nice pale coq had the ring NL 5247334-75


NL 525103-60
Oude Vale '60
NL 214440-53
Oude Vale 53
Bricoux via Jos Hermans

NL 586588-59
via Luijks
NL 637445-55
Donkere Witpen
old strain Beunen
NL 465853-58
B 5201129-69
Oude Blauwe 69
Tournier Lommel



The Vale Beunen was a wonderful breeder. He was harmonizing very well with the Cattrysse-Vander Espt line which resulted in an excellent offspring.

Sire of 5251964-77, 1 prov. Perpignan

The Vale Beunen was first mated with the very best hen Jan Schreurs had: the Oud Blauw, 740-69. Out of this mating came the Vale Hollander (pale Dutchman) 5251964-77.

This Pale Dutchman won:

  • 1 prov. Perpignan in 1980
  • 10 prov. Lourdes

Sire of 5167068-80, mother of Caesar Pau

The Vale Beunen mated to the nest mate of the Blauwe Marathon gave an outstanding breeding hen 5167068-80.
She was an excellent partner to the Superkweker 047. Together they bred:

  • Caesar Pau: 3 nat. Pau, a.o. grandsire of Goed Vaal (mother of Birgit, Sister Birgit, Barcelona Jan)
  • Apache, 7 and 54 nat. Pau
  • Valerio 5012253-93, sire of 1 semi-national Saint-Vincent and of 26 nat. Biarritz

Sire of 5311276-85, mother of the Invalide

With another sister to the Blauwe Marathon, the Vale Beunen gave another excellent breeding hen. Jan Schreurs applied the same success formula and mated the hen with the Superbreeder 047. Out of this coupling came a.o. the Invalied (the disabled) who was seriously wounded as a youngster and passed the rest of his life in the breeding loft.

The Invalide, a blue coq B 5012082-89 gave:

and is grandsire off

Further offspring

Even today, the blood of the Pale Beunen is present in a lot of good pigeons: Saffier, Pyreneeën Lady, Rode Brinkman,  Barcelona Guido, 82 nat. Barcelona Dark Angel, Melissa, Pursang, Claudia, Vale Barcelona I, Vale Barcelona II, Kleine Barcelona, Barcelona King etc.

Oude Vale '60
Sire of Vaaltje and of Vale Beunen
NL 525103-60

Son of the Old Pale ' 53, Bricoux via Jos Hermans Luithagen.

He introduced the red genome of the Bricoux pigeons into the Schreurs strain.