Hub Peeters (+), Oler Grathem

The story

Hub Peeters of Oler-Grathem (NL) was born in 1934 and died prematurely in 1999.
He remained single for his whole life and lived togerther with his two brothers.

In 1975 he started fancing pigeons with a varying succes.
In 1981 he came to the loft of Jan Schreurs in Opoeteren together with his friend Jan van Appeveen to recollect a lost youngster. After having seen the pigeons of Schreurs-Vandueren, Hub Peeters knew it for certain: this was the kind of pigeons he was looking for. He ordered 4 pair of youngsters to be retrieved in the after season. He especially fell in love with the blue Cattrysse line.

Of the 8 youngsters Hub Peeters received at Opoeteren, 7 appeared to be cocks! But Hub was lucky enough, because the one and only hen became a superior breeding hen!

All 8 pigeons were grandchildren of the founding pigeon: the Old Catrysse B3442324-67 and all were very nearly related to the provincial winner of Perpignan, the Witoger B5251945-77.

Successes with the Schreurs pigeons

Hub Peeters was very successful with his Schreurs pigeons.

  • 1 prov. Pau, 7 nat.
  • 21 nat. Marseille
  • 36 nat. Marseille
  • 42 nat. Marseille
  • 40 nat. Barcelona (in 1988)
  • 36 nat. Barcelona (in 1989)
  • 22 nat. Barcelona (in 1992)
  • 7, 20, 53 and 56 nat. Barcelona (in 1993)

In 1991 Hub Peeters won 7/9 from Barcelona
In 1992: again 7/9 from Barcelona
In 1993: 8/11 from Barcelona

Founding Pair I: cock: B5233387-81 x hen: B5233390-81

Hub Peeters was not afraid of inbreeding the allready strongly inbred Cattrysses of Opoeteren.

While mating two of the Schreurs pigeons he formed an outstanding breeding pair. It was the blue cock B5233387-81 and the blue white feathered hen B5233390-81. Both of them came out of a sister of the Witoger, provincial winner of Perpignan.

B 5233387-81
Sire Blinde and Lichte
direct Schreurs
B 5108199-76
Schelp Vos
B 5136980-72
Son of the 1 nat. Saint-Vincent
B 5041733-71
Zwarte Witpen
B 5108192-76
Sister Witoger, 1 prov. Perpignan
B 3442324-67
Oude Cattrysse
B 5121740-69
Oud Blauw
B 5233390-81
Founding Hen
direct Schreurs
B 5115347-74
60 nat. Limoges
Oude Limoges
(Max x Witneus)
Paul Dreezen
B 5108174-76
Sister Witoger, 1 prov. Perpignan
B 3442324-67
Oude Cattrysse
B 5121740-69
Oud Blauw

The most famous pair of youngsters out of this founding pair were the nest pair NL133680-84 and NL133681-84, known afterwards as the Lichte Barcelona (680) and the Blinde (681)

Lichte Barcelona NL 133680-84

The Lichte won 4 x Barcelona with as best prize 67 internat.

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Blinde NL 133681-84

The '81' (as Hub Peeters called him) won 5 x Barcelona with 181 nat. as best prize.

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Founding Pair II: Blinde x Wittikje
cock: NL133681-84
hen: NL1588477-86

Hub Peeters mated the 81 with another pure Schreurs hen, Wittikje Barcelona, and a new superior breeding pair was formed.

This pair gave Hub two excellent Barcelona winners:

The Super 237, NL 1835237-89

The Super 237 won

  • 46 internat. Barcelona
  • 83 internat. Barcelona

The Blue 46, NL 2364646-88

The Blue 46 won

  • 32 internat. Barcelona

Both of them were part of the wonderful Barcelona Team Hub engaged in 1993...

The Barcelona team 1993

In 1993, Hub Peeters engaged 11 pigeons in the race from Barcelona. He won 8 prizes.

Four of those pigeons won real top prizes at the national and international level:

  • national: 7, 20, 53 and 56 among 10547 pigeons
  • international: 11, 32, 83 and 88 among 33145 pigeons

No one had done this before him!



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Breeding successes with the Peeters pigeons ...

After his successes from Barcelona, the Peeters pigeons were very desired by other fanciers.

Were extremely succesful with the offspring of the Peeters pigeons:


Return to sender

After 1994, Hub Peeters became very ill.

The undermining disease lasted for 5 years and Hub Peeters spent more time in the hospital than at home with his pigeons...

Knowing that he was going to die, Hub Peeters decided to give back all  hist best racers and breeders to the Schreurs family ...

Until his last day he was very thankfull for all the pleasure the Schreurs pigeons had given him.

And so Schreurs-Hauben reintroduced their own strain via Hub Peeters: