Maurice Borgers

From Kuypers to Borgers to Schreurs-Hauben...

At the start at his own  place in As, Marc Schreurs decided that is was time to introduce som new blood into the strongly inbred strain of his father.

He choose the loft of Maurice and Jurgen Borgers at Schulen (Herk-de-Stad)

  • because of the origin of their pigeons: Kuypers Brothers (Neer, Holland) and Emiel Matterne (Overhespen, Belgium)
  • because of the very good results of Borgers at the extreme long distance, especially at Barcelona

In 1989 Marc Schreurs bought a round of eggs from the widowers. He trained most of those pigeons, but the very best were reserved for breeding purposes.

In the diagram one can see the relationship between the founding pigeons of the  Kuypers Bros of Neer, the pigeons of Maurice Borgers of Schulen and finally the pigeons of Schreurs-Hauben who introduced this precious bloodline in 1989.

Record of the Borgers pigeons from Barcelona

  • 1986: 10 internat. Barcelona
  • 1987: 19 internat. Barcelona
  • 1989: 15 internat. Barcelona
  • 1989: Primus Inter Pares BBC
  • 1992: 46 internat. Barcelona
  • 1993: Primus Inter Pares BBC
  • 1994: 40 and 52 nat. Barcelona

Between 1983 and 1993 Borgers has won 126 prizes out of 273 pigeons sent to Barcelona.

Offspring of the direct Borgers pigeons

Donkere 5014981-89

With the Brinkman Hen, the Donkere gave
  • Donkere Brinkman
  • Zwarte Barcelona, 3 x Barcelona
  • Daughter Brinkman, mother of Zilveren 84 nat. Barcelona
Together with Claudia, a daughter of the Marseille, the Donkere sired
Further offspring via Vale Barcelona II:

Adonis 5318509-89

Adonis was in the bunch of eggs that Marc Schreurs acquired at the loft of Maurice Borgers in 1989. He had the luck that in that same season the father of Adonis won 3 nat. Barcelona.
Marc Schreurs paired Adonis to his nest mate to fix the qualities of their father. Out of this inbreeding came

Horacio, 5243984-99, son Willem 19 int. Barcelona

Marc Schreurs bought this son of the Ace Pigeon at the final sale of Borgers. Willem was 17 years old when he sired this extra breeder.

The 5243984-99 sired

Blauwe Maurice 5318531-89

Blauwe Maurice was also in the share of eggs acquired in 1989.
He sired Aladdin, 11 nat. Pau. Mother was a daughter of the Marseille.

Further offspring:

  • Barcelona Guido, 82 nat. Barcelona
  • Anne, 7 nat. Biarritz

Maurice, B 5243959-99

Sire of 16 nat. Biarritz