Cattrysse Brothers, Moere (B)

In 1968, at an auction of Gerard Catrysse, one of the famous brothers of Moere, Guillaume Petri bought no 4, an inbred male out of the lines of Oude Cesar (a grandson of the 45) and Blauwentik Barcelona (another grandson of the 45).

The late bred blue male had the ring B 3442324-67.

Petri gave the pigeon to his friend Jan schreurs!

This Cesar-Cattrysse or "Oude Cattrysse" is the real founding father of the totality of the strain Schreurs-Hauben (formerly Schreurs-Vandueren)


Original pedigree by the hand of Gerard Cattrysse


B 3101757-66
B 3291876-64
Oude Cesar
B 3318114-54
Oude Slimmen
Son 886045-45, the 45, 1 nat. Bordeaux and 1 nat. Angoulême
B 3067486-57
Daughter 12 (the 12 = brother Prins of Hector Desmet and grandson of the 45
B 3101788-58
Daughter 87
B 3305187-51
The '87', grandson of a sister to the 45
B 3322146-52
Daughter 38
B 3101802-66
Daughter Blauwentik

B 3016795-55
Blauwentik Barcelona
1e Barcelona Interland België-Holland

B 3533429-51
The Pol, son of a sister to the 45
B 3322482-52
Daughter 45

              the famous 45-45
B 3101623-58
Sister Wittenbaard
B 3016912-55
The Derumeaux , son of the 12
daughter Blauwentik Barcelona